Your project done right Guaranteed.

About GW Communications

In 2005, the most experienced minds in the telecommunications industry formed GW Communications. Ever since then we've set the industry standard as your complete telecommunications solution by delivering the highest level of quality.

Committed to Quality,
Dedicated to Integrity,
Focused on Customer Satisfaction.


These characteristics are the drivers of our business model, and they are what our employees, customers and partners have come to expect. We have deployed a dynamic strategy to continually raise the bar on the services that we provide, while committing ourselves to providing customized, yet cost effective solutions to our client’s needs.


That’s why it’s front and center on our website. Because making sure your project is right the biggest part of everything we do. Yes, GW offers the full spectrum of communications services. Yes, there is no part of the communications industry that our experts don’t understand fully and completely. But what further makes GW Communications a company like no other is our unmatched commitment to your satisfaction.


The more network projects change, the more they stay the same. You still need enough time, enough funding, and enough qualified resources to meet your objectives. GW can supply the resources you need to bring your projects in against increasing schedule and budgetary pressures.


Find out more about GW through some of our recent projects and support programs to major companies. These are just a few examples of the depth and breadth of our fields of expertise.