Your project done right Guaranteed.


Construction can mean many different things in the Communications Industry. It might mean building new backbone routes between cities. It could be connecting properties with a proprietary network. It may be retrofitting buildings with new cable systems. Our Construction force is seasoned and adaptable to many different types of projects.

We have experience in all types of network plant as well as low-voltage wiring and construction applications in challenging conditions such as solid rock boring. Whatever your needs are, GW has the know-how and resources to get your project completed on time and within budget.


Quality Workmanship = Quality Communications. With manufacturing standards throughout the industry at all-time highs, how those components are put together is often the difference in a network’s performance and reliability. GW prides itself on its commitment to internal quality processes that translate to better-built networks. Let us put our commitment to quality to work for you.

GW can perform any combination of the functions below, in a variety of approaches that can be customized to your needs:

  • Quality Programs
  • Methods of Procedure
  • Construction Training for our crews and yours
  • Internal Quality Assurance Checklists
  • Pre-and Post-Construction Photos
  • Installation & Testing Certification Programs
  • Safety Meetings and Training
  • Construction Applications
  • All types of Underground Applications
  • Aerial – New and Retrofit
  • In-Building Cable Solutions
  • Data Center Furnishing
  • Civil Construction
  • Permit Closures


The more network projects change, the more they stay the same. You still need enough time, enough funding, and enough qualified resources to meet your objectives. GW can supply the resources you need to bring your projects in against increasing schedule and budgetary pressures.


Find out more about GW through some of our recent projects and support programs to major companies. These are just a few examples of the depth and breadth of our fields of expertise.